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General Information


Why was my card charged despite being declined at checkout?

We require all online ticket purchases to match the street address, zip code, and card code on file with the bank when applicable. Please confirm that the information being entered matches what the bank has on file. Charges that show as “pending” will automatically be credited back to your account by your bank in the case of a decline.

Where can I pick up Will Call only tickets?

Tickets purchased online may be Will Call only if you purchase a ticket online the week of the event. If your tickets are Will Call Only, you will be required to present the credit card used to purchase the tickets online as well as an ID with a matching name in order to pick up your tickets at the festival Box Office. The festival Box Office will open at the scheduled “Gate” or “Door” time. Patrons will not be able to pick up tickets without a credit card and ID. No refunds will be given.

Can I get a refund?

All ticket sales are final. No refunds or exchanges will be provided. In the case of a cancellation, all tickets will be valid at the rescheduled date. Refunds will be issued if a rescheduled date does not take place within 180 days.

Can I upgrade to a VIP ticket?

We typically allow upgrades from a GA to a VIP ticket on the same show, you will just need to pay the difference at the time of upgrade. Same day VIP upgrades can be purchased at the Box Office based on available capacity.

Do I need an ID to enter?

If the age limit is 18+ or 21+, an ID is required and it will be verified upon entry. IDs are not required for Family or All Ages events, unless you plan on drinking, in which case it’s required. It should be noted, however, that if you have an issue with a ticket or need to pick up a ticket at will call, we require you to have an ID matching the name on the ticket. It’s always preferred that you have a valid, government issued ID.

The following are acceptable forms of identification in the state of Arizona (this applies to all 18+ or 21+ events whether drinking or not):

Any US State / Territory, District of Columbia or Candian Drivers License or Non-Operating ID*
Any valid recognized Passport or US Passport Card
Military ID
Resident Alien Card
All IDs must be valid, unexpired, unaltered, and must contain a photo
*”Under 21″ AZ DL or ID Cards (Vertical) are only valid and acceptable for 30 days after an individual turns 21.


Can I re-enter an event?

Re-entry is not permitted at any of our events.

What’re the age limits?

Age limits vary. Check the event page for more information. 18+ and 21+ events have strict age limits. For Family events, younger teens are welcome if they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Kids 12 and under are free.

Do I need to print my ticket?

All tickets must be printed clearly in order to be scanned upon entry. Our scanners will only be able to read a ticket on a phone if the screen is not cracked and the brightness is turned all the way up. Printing your tickets is highly recommended and guarantees the fastest entry.

What if my ticket doesn’t have my name on it?

The ticket name does not need to match ID as long as ticket is printed and scannable. You will only need to present an ID for your ticket if it is not printed and you need to pick it up at will call. We also accept Passbook tickets (when applicable) with the screen brightness on high.

Will tickets be available at the door?

Tickets are generally available at the door for events. The door price is always higher than the pre-sale price and is subject to available capacity. If it says SOLD OUT online, there will not be any tickets available at the door.

What time do doors open? When should I get there?

Doors and show times vary by event. Typically doors and show begin at 1PM with the headliners taking stage around 8PM. Early arrival is highly recommended for all events.

What can I bring?

NO Illegal substances
NO Drugs or drug paraphernalia
NO Pets
NO Massagers
NO Laser pens or pointers
NO Eyedrops
NO Glass, cans, cups, or coolers
NO Markers, pens, or spray paint
NO Large chains or spiked jewelry
NO Stickers or flyers
NO large umbrellas
NO Large purses or bags (over 15” X 15” X 5” inches)
NO Open cigarettes, lipstick, chapstick, tampons
NO Outside food, beverage, or alcohol
NO Professional cameras (SLR or detachable lenses)
NO Video or audio recording equipment
NO Knives, firearms, pepper spray, fireworks, or weapons of any kind
NO Toy weapons or real weapons of any kind
NO Sticks, staff, swords, sabers, or scepters
NO Open sunscreen
NO Balloons, balls, frisbees, or any other projectile

OK (2) factory sealed water bottles of ANY SIZE
OK Clear (transparent) bags – max size 15” X 15”x 5“
OK Clear (transparent) backpacks – max size 15” X 15”x 5“
OK Clear (transparent) fanny packs – max size 15” X 15”x 5“
OK Empty non-transparent Camelbaks with no more that 2 pockets
OK Small clutch up to 5” X 7” X 2” in size
OK Non-Professional Still Cameras including Go Pros (GoPros may NOT be attached to a mono pod or extendable pole)
OK Cell Phones
OK Lighters
OK Sealed: cigarette packages, tampons, packs of gum, chapstick/lip gloss
OK Glowing/illuminated costumes or jewelry
OK Sunglasses and hats
OK Sealed liquid sunscreen and cosmetic products
OK Disposable E-cigs, nicotine vaporizer pens, excluding those with refillable chambers containing visible liquid
OK Guide dogs for people with disabilities and other service animals with current rabies certification

*This list is subject to change at any time and varies per event. Bandas Y Mamalaonas reserves all rights.

Clear Bag Policy

In an effort to enhance fan safety, and to mirror many arenas and venues around the county, we have implemented a clear bag policy for all large attendee events effective immediately.

We define a clear bag as a fully clear or colored clear plastic, vinyl, or mesh bag. One-gallon clear plastic freezer bags will be considered acceptable clear bags. The maximum bag size that will be allowed is 15” X 15”x 5“. In addition to a clear bag, guests may bring in one small clutch up to 5” X 7”x 2” in size.

Due to clear hydration packs not being readily available, EMPTY hydration packs and one small clutch up to 5” X 7”x 2” in size WILL BE the only exception to the clear bag policy.

Anything else I need to know?

All ticket sales are final. Please note that management reserves the right, without the refund of any portion of the ticket purchase price, to refuse admission to or eject any person whose conduct is deemed by management to be disorderly, who uses vulgar or abusive language, or who fails to comply with these or other management rules. Patrons who are clearly intoxicated or under the influence of drugs will not be admitted.

What is a Test And Tune?

At a “test and tune” event you are given the chance to practice your starting procedure, learn how your car reacts to tuning adjustments, and make passes down the track without the pressure of competition. A “test and tune” also gives you a chance to observe other drivers and ask questions about how you can improve.

Operation of Burnout Pit

  1. After completing tech inspection and signing waivers, the driver is to take his/her vehicle to the Burnout area.

  2. Before staging, the driver/ Passengers MUST secure helmet, and seat belt.

  3. When the vehicle has been staged, the starter will ask for a “thumbs up” to indicate the driver is ready. Starter will activate timer and participant will have a minimum of 30 seconds to complete burnout. All vehicles will be given the same amount of time. After the Horn/ or Light is signaled, the participant must STOP immediately. Failure to stop will result in privileges will be revoked.

  4. Winners are determined by Bandas Y Mamalonas Judges

Vehicles Allowed

Participation in the Burnout contest is limited to vehicles which are either stock configuration or tubbed as defined below:

  1. Manual (Stick) Transmissions are Prohibited!

  2. Must be a licensed driver and at least 18 years of age to participate in contest.

  3. Stock chassis or tubbed vehicles are allowed.

  4. Superchargers are not allowed. (Exception is OEM or approved aftermarket supercharger or turbocharger).

  5. Brakes on each vehicle will be tested for pedal “feel”. A running brake test may be requested. All brake pedals must be covered with a non-skid surface. Line locks are recommended.

  6. Each vehicle must be equipped with 1 operative shock absorber for each sprung wheel. Shocks may be either hydraulic or friction type and in operative order. Vehicles may be lowered.

  7. Only D.O.T. approved tires are allowed. No retreads or studs allowed. Street tires must have at least 1/8” tread depth across the entire width of the tire. D.O.T street slicks are allowed, but wear indicators must be present and tires must be marked D.O.T. Tires must be free of all defects, cuts, and dry rot. Metal screw-in valve stems or valve stem retainers are recommended. Snap-on hubcaps must be removed.

  8. Bandas Y Mamalonas / Tucson Dragway reserves the right to refuse admittance to any vehicle that Bandas Y Mamalonas / Tucson Dragway feels is unsafe for any reason.

  9. The vehicle must have drive shaft loops if the bumper height is 25” or higher. Each drive shaft must have a minimum of 2 loops. If a vehicle has a shaft no longer than 24”, 1 loop, properly centered, will suffice. Drive shaft loops must be rigidly mounted to frame rails or to the floor on both sides of shaft. (Four Wheel Drive only).

    1. Drive to the front wheels must be disengaged. (Four Wheel Drive only).

    2. All vehicles must be in good condition inside and out. No wrecked or missing body parts. Vehicles must have street legal appearance, with fender wells.

    3. If welding has been performed on chassis or suspension and shows any evidence of deterioration, vehicle will not be allowed to compete.

    4. All vehicles must be powered only by gasoline or diesel fuel.

Car Show

To Participation in the Car Show you must purchase a "Burnout or Drag Ticket'. There is a section alicated for all Vehicles who wish to enter the car show. 'Cinco de Mayo @ The Track' features all makes and models. Not limited to any make or models. Trophies will be given for the following classes.

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